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2 Farm Boys is a family-run, home-based, goat milk soap business.  The business was created as an answer to "what do we do with goats?".  We had "borrowed" 3 goats to eat down the weeds along our canal bank.  As we learned, goats don't like water and because of that, they didn't reach all the weeds we wanted them to.  By the time they were supposed to be returned to their owner, we had fallen in love with them!  They each had their own curious personality, were affectionate, and fun to be around.  I actually asked the owner if he would be willing to sell them to me and the next thing we knew, we had our own small herd!  As we pondered the actual purpose of goats on a farm, someone suggested that we use the milk to make soap.  I turned to everyone's reliable source, YouTube, and watched numerous videos about how to make soap.  After several failed attempts, I succeeded in making goat milk soap.  We have been selling it at farmers' markets, craft boutiques, and online ever since!.  


The 2 Farm Boys are real.  They are the reason we do what we do.  My husband and I have a firm belief that kids need to learn compassion, hard work, problem-solving skills, persistence, and that its ok to "get your hands dirty".  We want them to balance their digital exposure with time outdoors.  They know that it is 'work before play', but we encourage them to play hard, and they enjoy sports, scouting, hanging out with neighborhood friends, and spending time using their imaginations to have fun on the farm. Our business venture has been fun for the whole family and we have all learned a lot!  We hope you will check our website often to read our blog, try new products, learn about our farm adventures and of course, see the goats!

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